Maps On Fire

follow the ghost of maps on fire’s past

Listen to BOARS WIN preview by Rainbows.

Paurl Walsh mofos

Check out this new stuff from Paurl Walsh and Max Stein of X-ray Press. Pretty damn cool indeed.

All of the tracks coming out of exex audio are sounding phe - nom- enal

Listen and Thank me later.

The Great Abstraction: The burrito business is not for the weak

Man do we take music for granted… Spotify has taken music and absolutely and completely devalued it.  Music is free silly… you didn’t know that? Musicians live off of ______.

Gavin Castleton says it better…


Imagine that you spend 15 years, half of your life, developing the ultimate recipe for a breakfast burrito. You sell everything you own to fund the process; you work around the clock, 7 days a week, fine-tuning this recipe and building a small storefront where you can sell these burritos. You call…